Employee Benefit Trends in 2022

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, employee focus has seen a major shift. Family expectations, exploring different paths and finding purpose in a career have all taken a priority as the workplace adapts. Metlife has just concluded their 2022 Benefit Study exploring the trends and changes that have taken place over that past year.

Some key insights to take from this study were that the number of employees that expect to be with their organization in 12 months has dropped and is on a downward trend from 80% in 2018 to 70% in 2022. Health Insurance still reigns as the must have employee benefit as it was expected by 86% of workers surveyed.

4 types of health were factored into what made an employee holistically healthy: mental health, social health, physical health and financial health. Mental health has had the biggest decline since the pandemic but overall holistic health has improved by 5%. Metlife found that while this is increasing, that only makes up around half of all employees. Keeping your employees healthy and engaged is crucial to your success as a business owner and leader.

Metlife also found that holistically healthy employees are:

  • 74% more likely to be satisfied with their job
  • 51% more likely to say they intend to be at their organization in 12 months’ time
  • 53% more likely to be productive

To view past year reports and information on employee benefit trends, click here to see the full article by Metlife.

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