Seaport-e QA Program

Quality Assurance Program

Leveraging our experience and industry expertise along with the leadership and innovation of the entire MRINetwork the world’s largest and most successful recruiting organization, we have been able to develop the 24 step process for efficiently pinpointing the people who can contribute to an agency’s accomplishment of its objectives as outlined in the Task Order. That is what our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment approach is designed to do.

What it means for a Seaport e-ordering agency is that we can provide a customized streamlined process to help the Navy senior management find the right mix of contractors to fulfill their task order requirements — and deliver them at the pace their organizations demand.

Our Process:

Some recruiters try to slow the process while others move too quickly The result is often a long wait with few results or worse, a body in a cubicle that adds little to a team. Our methods focus on delivering erective and optimum results for clients and candidates We have one thing in mind, to consistently deliver the top 20% of candidates — the kind that make a real impact on an agency — that are right for the stated position and department.

We accomplish this by performing a sequence of steps, which are customized based on an agency’s unique contract and permanent placement hiring needs and problems, in a professional, personal and expeditious manner. These steps are not performed by just any recruiter but by our recruiters, recruiters that are skilled professionals, experts in a particular industry and schooled in the MRINetwork.

Although the specific sequence of steps performed for a contractor search will we tailored to meets specific needs, below is a summary of the types of activities they are likely to involve:

  • Needs analysis and strategic recruiting plan development
  • Position profile development and compatibility assessment
  • In-depth candidate research, screening and interviewing
  • Interview planning and qualified candidate presentation
  • Hiring manager interviewing skills training
  • Client and candidate Interview debriefs
  • Confidential reference checks
  • Counter-offer consulting
  • Other preparation and closing
  • Client and new hire follow-up

When a task order has been issued, Siter-Neubauer & Associates has 11 full time staff averaging 10+ years’ experience in search consulting and contract staffing with expertise in a multitude of disciplines for fulfillment worldwide (Our current staff does not possess security clearances. If clearances are required, we are teamed with other MRI affiliates who have consultants with security clearances). Leveraging this experience and expertise along with the leadership and innovation of the entire MRINetwork, our search consultant team has been able to develop methods for efficiently pinpointing the people who can become the heart of a business or agency. Our Accelerated Recruitment is a proprietary search and placement method learned and utilized by each member of our team. 

Ability to preserve stability and maintain technical expertise in the workforce.

Siter-Neubauer & Associates takes tremendous pride in hiring, mentoring, and retaining the most qualified and talented consultants The hiring process starts with an informative introductory email along with a personality profile that each candidate must complete, the results of which are benchmarked against the top performers in the MRINetwork. Candidates then go through a rigorous interview process including telephone, several in-person interviews, and second personality/sales driven profile. A contingency offer is then made to the most qualified candidates. After conditional acceptance by the candidate, a thorough background screening is completed including, references, and criminal history.

Once hired, new search consultants have access to all the learning tools of the MRINetwork to enhance their skills and learn the basic foundation. This orientation is covered over a four-week training period with constant mentoring and coaching by company leadership as well as peer-to-peer activities to hasten performance excellence.

Training never ends at Siter-Neubauer & Associates All team members develop an individualized learning plan with their supervisor Educational resources span over 6000 learning tools All of this has enhanced the skill level and retention rate of Siter-Neubauer & Associates Professional Search Consultants staff.

Ability to monitor and maximize quality-discuss your quality processes and any quality certifications.

Our search consultants are randomly monitored on a daily basis through “call observe”. This function allows management to listen to business conversations and provide on-going feedback to the professional search consultant team regarding their performance. Feedback is provided immediately during and after the call to provide real time Team members participate in weekly educational and training sessions to improve performance in basic and advanced recruitment and customer relations practices.

Staff documentation in our proprietary database is audited on a weekly basis for all consultants. This audit evaluates the thorough documentation of all 24 steps of our recruitment process (MRINetwork Way) from the first cold call through the permanent placement or fulfillment of a candidate with a client including the Navy. This database allows senior management to track a particular task order to ensure that the deliverables, schedule, and cost are being adhered to.

Evaluations of all professional search consultants are conducted on an annual basis This evaluation encompasses, work-related behavioral characteristics, database documentation, and metric results achieved. Evaluations are conducted more frequently on those requiring greater development.

Customer satisfaction surveys are sent to each candidate placed with a new agency as well as the hiring authority of the client agency. These surveys provide tremendous Insight into the individual executive search consultants performance during the entire fulfillment process.

Approach to guarantee responsiveness to and cooperation with customers.

Our mission is to place extraordinary professionals thereby enhancing our clients’ profitability while facilitating career advancement. We show sincere concern and responsibility in fulfilling a client’s requirements. Additionally, we will follow up with them on an ongoing basis to ensure their satisfaction with our process, research, and ultimately our results. We strive to deliver the highest level of service by exceeding the expectation of everyone we serve.

We will bring our client first philosophy to all Seaport- task orders as a potential Navy contractor.

Approach to problem resolution

In doing our job accurately and appropriately we minimize the risk for potential problems to develop. However, even with the most carefully planned process, unforeseen circumstances occur and consequently, problems develop within the search process that cannot be avoided. Each consultant is trained to adjust, persist, and move forward.

If a candidate has been found to be unacceptable or is released, we will find a comparable replacement candidate immediately and free of charge. For those issues that do occasionally arise, which the search consultant cannot resolve on their own, Mr. Neubauer is the final point of escalation and will get involved immediately should the situation dictate. We pride ourselves in successful problem resolution to the complete satisfaction of our clients and we will apply this dedication to quality for the Air Force.

Task Order Process:

  1. Task Order Award issued to Account Manager
  2. Account Manager will source and contact candidates on behalf of the agency. Account Manager will identify potential candidates based on the qualifications of Government’s minimum requirements. Sourcing techniques include cold calling direct competitors, networking, the internet and existing database searches, and utilization of vast social. These sourcing tools deliver ‘fresh” candidates who may not be actively seeking new employment but are interested in the right opportunity for career advancement.
  3. Complete profile and submit credentials to the agency.
  4. Placement Fulfillment of position
  5. Complete security paperwork
  6. Onboarding process begins
  7. Contract Compliance
  8. Performance Evaluations
  9. Continue Sourcing Techniques to maintain workforce